Violence Strikes in Binghamton

April 2, 2009 at 10:05 PM

CNN reports that there is no clear motive in the Binghamton shooting. Could it be, just maybe, that the shooter was a few bricks shy? No disrespect to mental illness or those with social difficulties, but nine out of ten times the people this violence is contributed have some sort of mental issue. Then, the soon-to-be urban terrorist goes out and gets their hands on a firearm of some sort.

The opinion here is that much of it goes back to gun control. No, not locking up guns (and not just hitting what you’re aiming at either) but, merchants who sell guns actually taking responsibility for the product they are putting in peoples hands. Not just looking at the money to be made, but the responsibility to be had.

Remember that old t-shirt: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” ? That statement is so very true. It could be added: “and gun merchants help them get the job done right”. Not that there is any bias here against second amendment rights, not at all. In fact, loosen the types of weapons that can be purchased. Just put the very grave responsibilty into the stores that sell the weapons.

It’s time that people in places of responsibility (in these matters) started realizing it, and understanding that what they do affects other people. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way – but it always affects others. No descision is made in a vaccuum.

Bible Verse of the Post: Proverbs 21:2


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